Searching for a local Locksmith – Redlocks Locksmiths Cambridge

When searching for a locksmith, it is important to call several companies before deciding on whom to hire, as when purchasing any service there will be variations in the cost. By doing this you will be able to work out what is an average cost for the work you need completing.

National locksmith companies and national locksmith franchises essentially act as “call centres” that employee local locksmiths to carry out the work so this means you’re paying for two companies costs. Firstly you’re going to be paying for the National locksmiths advertising in that area and secondly going to be paying for the actual locksmith. You will also probably find that the attendance time for the national company can be far longer than local tradesmen, reason being is the national locksmith trader will have a list of local engineers that they will call to find who is available and who is nearest, sometimes these can come from up to 50 miles away and rarely arrive on time.

So how do you identify who is a local mobile locksmith and who isn’t? If you are using a computer or smart phone it is quite easy to find out. If you search commercial locksmith and the area you are looking to employ them in such as “locksmith Cambridge” or “Cambridge locksmith” there will be three areas of search on the page. At the top within the shaded box and to the far right are usually paid searches. Companies have paid to get into this area so just because they say they are local doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Beneath this is a map and listed companies, these are usually local traders. Under the map area are your organic listings which are also usually local companies. So in theory if you stay away from those paid per click within the shaded box area you should be okay and if a company is listed in the map area and organics area they are more than likely local. Other good sources are your local paper, paper directories or a personal recommendation. As well as these sources trading standards have now set up their own directory of local traders who go through rigorous checks to be added to their lists, this can be found under “Buy with Confidence on your PC or phone.

By employing local tradesmen you want not only save yourself money and time you will more than likely be able to access more information on how they work and the quality of their work and  experience either through their website or local blogs,  feedback or reference areas. A local trader will often be more flexible and be able to suit when you would want them to attend as they will be working in their local area. Not only that they will bound to be more conscientious as they will not want to get bad press, as word travels fast.